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Welch’s bring the power of purple to summer, serving cocktails with a twist.

Welch’s introduce Purple Grape Summer Sparkle, a refreshing new cocktail with unique flavours that is sure to add a little sparkle to your summer. The new mocktail offers an invigorating alternative to alcohol laden cocktails.

With a deep, rich grape flavour complemented by the sparkle of ginger ale and slight kick of lime juice, Purple Grape Summer Sparkle provides a refreshing zing to the summer mocktail.

But if you are looking for something cooler the Welch’s Purpsicle is sure to revitalise any balmy summer evening. So why not put down the Cosmopolitan and 99 icecream and give the Purple Grape Summer Sparkle and Welch’s Purpsicle a whirl.

Purple Grape Summer Sparkle Recipe

One part Welch’s Purple Grape 100% Juice

Two parts Ginger Ale

Serve in highball glass over ice

Garnish with fresh lime slice

Welch’s Purpsicle

Fill any ice lolly maker with Welch’s 100% Purple Grape Juice

Leave to set in the freezer

Enjoy when you need an instant revitalising cool hit

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Welch's Purple Grape Juice gains seal of approval from HEART UK

H•E•A•R•T UK, a leading cholesterol charity, has officially recognised Welch's Purple Grape Juice for its abundant antioxidant properties and role in promoting heart health. It is the first time a 100% pure and unsweetened juice has received the coveted H•E•A•R•T UK approval.

The recognition by H•E•A•R•T UK follows review of the growing body of data on Welch's Purple Grape Juice which shows many potential health benefits. Research supports drinking American Concord Purple Grape Juice to help promote a healthy heart and healthy arteries. Preliminary research suggests it promotes heart and arterial health in part by protecting LDL, or ‘bad', cholesterol from harmful interaction with free radicals to slow oxidation . Many researchers believe this oxidation of LDL cholesterol contributes to the build-up of plaque in the arteries. Research supports the fact that Welch's Purple Grape Juice not only has potent antioxidant capacity in vivo but in the body as well.