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Lorraine Kelly helps Welch’s search for ‘A whole bunch of good’ in UK communities

Lorraine Kelly helps Welch’s search for ‘A whole bunch of good’ in UK communities 

-Welch’s searches the nation for community spirit-

Welch’s Juice is searching high and low for ‘neighbourhood goodness’ throughout the UK to find real community spirit across the nation as part of the Welch’s ‘A whole bunch of good’ campaign.

To try and grow the feeling of community spirit, Lorraine Kelly is supporting the Welch’s ‘A whole bunch of good in your community’ competition to boost morale and increase community spirit throughout the nation. Lorraine explained why she’s supporting the initiative. “As a nation, we should all play a part in building community spirit and Welch’s Grape Juice is urging you to enter the ‘A whole bunch of good in the community’ competition.  By nominating who you consider to be a local hero, or the neighbourhood with the best community spirit, you can be in with a chance of winning a mocktail party for your local area, with your very own mixologist.  The sense of community spirit is sadly declining throughout the country, so let’s all do our part and try to build up this great nation – starting right on your own doorstep.”A recent survey, conducted by market research agency, Opinion Matters, on behalf of Welch’s, revealed that more than half of the nation – 56% - has said that there is very little community spirit where they live, with one fifth of those under 35 feeling that there is none at all.  The research paints a stark portrait of a nation where the sense of community is in serious decline, although the events of 2012 have added a glimmer of hope and a touch of ‘community renaissance’ to the dying art of neighbourliness and local spirit. Community spirit in decline

A quarter of Brits feel that community spirit has declined over the past five years.  The largest perceived decrease has been in the North East region with 37% sensing the drop in community spirit, and the city of Cardiff secured the position of the city with the biggest decrease, with 41% confirming the decline.

The 2012 Effect

One in five Brits say that the major events of the 2012 summer have made a positive difference within their local communities – with more enthusiasm and involvement being experienced as a result of the major events that have taken place.  Greater London experienced the greatest positive effect, and the typically disengaged population of 25-34 year olds throughout the nation experiencing a renewed sense of community mindedness.

Pillars of the community

It’s official – we are a nation of shopkeepers.  The top response from the nation was that local shops provide the real sense of community spirit, with 32% saying that the shopkeeper is the main pillar of the community.  Closely following behind are volunteers with 31%, local businesses and the postmen/women on 24%.  Those perceived as adding the lowest community value are local MP’s – with one in fifty suggesting that they add nothing to the overall sense of community.  Perhaps even more startling is that one in three said that no-one added to community spirit.

Good neighbours vs Silent strangers

The North East and Wales lead in the ‘Neighbourliness’ area, with a significant number of residents helping neighbours and vulnerable members of the community.  35% of the nation has called on a neighbour during bad weather, rising to 45% in the North East and Wales.  34% have carried out errands for elderly neighbours or less able members of the local community, with Wales coming out on top with 43%.  The Welsh are also most likely to invite neighbours over for a cup of tea and a chat, whilst the North East scored the highest in volunteering for community charities and are most likely to help out with DIY tasks within the community.

To enter the ‘A whole bunch of community spirit’ competition, entrants are asked to nominate a person who has done ‘a whole bunch of good’ within their local community, with Lorraine selecting the winner.  The successful entrant will receive their own Welch’s mocktail party for their local community.  To enter, please visit, go to the competition tab and enter your details for your chance to win!

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