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Heart UK Announces Charity Champions Competition Winner

Earlier this year we teamed up with HEART UK, the cholesterol charity, to search for the UK’s most inspiring Charity Champion to receive £1,000 for the charity of their choice and the winner has now been announced!

Pat Williams, an office administrator for CIS Ltd, has been selected by HEART UK as the 2013 Charity Champion for her inspiring fundraising for The Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre, where she has received help since being diagnosed with the disease three years ago.

Pat, 54, who has raised over £6,000 for the centre in total, explains “After being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing six months of chemotherapy, resulting in the development of a blood clot and carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, I began to feel very low. I was referred to The Haven in Hereford who restored my positive outlook, leaving me feeling revitalised and determined to live life to the full.

“I started with a one mile swim in the Lake District. It was a massive challenge for me, not just because I have cancer but because I suffer from arthritis and usually walk with a stick. Last November I organised a charity ball, the Three Peaks Challenge, pamper evenings, conker championships and friends running half marathons – all in the name of raising money for breast cancer and The Haven.

“I feel very honoured to have won the award. The whole purpose of my various fundraising activities was to try to help continue the brilliant work of all the staff at The Haven in Hereford and to help others, the way they helped me.”

HEART UK’s Ambassador Emma-Jane Brown, Chief Executive Jules Payne and our very own Malcolm Parkinson (Welch’s Grape Juice UK Country Manager) selected Pat as winner of the competition.

Jules said: “We had so many deserving applicants all with different inspiring stories to tell but Pat’s story stood out because she never gave up and despite her serious illness, she was always thinking of the next fundraising idea.”

Pat collected her engraved trophy and cheque for £1,000 on September 3 at The Haven in Hereford and has donated the money to the centre as a thank you for the treatment she received whilst there.

We were delighted to further support the competition by providing Welch’s Grape Juice vouchers to 10 runners-up whilst the remainder of the 50 applicants will receive HEART UK red laces and pedometers.

If you’ve been inspired by Pat and her amazing fundraising efforts and would like to support HEART UK, get in touch on the helpline – 0845 450 5988 or visit

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Welch's Purple Grape Juice gains seal of approval from HEART UK

H•E•A•R•T UK, a leading cholesterol charity, has officially recognised Welch's Purple Grape Juice for its abundant antioxidant properties and role in promoting heart health. It is the first time a 100% pure and unsweetened juice has received the coveted H•E•A•R•T UK approval.

The recognition by H•E•A•R•T UK follows review of the growing body of data on Welch's Purple Grape Juice which shows many potential health benefits. Research supports drinking American Concord Purple Grape Juice to help promote a healthy heart and healthy arteries. Preliminary research suggests it promotes heart and arterial health in part by protecting LDL, or ‘bad', cholesterol from harmful interaction with free radicals to slow oxidation . Many researchers believe this oxidation of LDL cholesterol contributes to the build-up of plaque in the arteries. Research supports the fact that Welch's Purple Grape Juice not only has potent antioxidant capacity in vivo but in the body as well.